Hey, just thought I’d give a little update.

So on Tuesday I got a meeting with a lawyer in the morning to discuss what exactly she’s going to be doing for me which is good. I like this woman so far, she’s dealt with many fathers who have been denied access to their children and has a 95% success rating too. I still hate that it’s come to this and in no way needed to but I suppose it’s my last option. I’ve tried to be civil and cooperative but that’s only been met with abuse.

On another note I’ve been working my arse off here in Florida, once again found a job pretty quickly. It’s hard but I’m enjoying it. And I have a date on Sunday evening which I’m really nervous about but looking forward to. She’s a nice girl who knows about my kids and seems very accepting of my complicated situation. I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship but it’s nice to know someone finds me attractive and so far likes me for me.

Anyway that was just an update. Time to get this stupid unnecessary rollercoaster started. My kids are everything no matter what.

Song: Sixx A.M. – Live Forever


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