Things Shouldn’t Have Got This Far

So right now I’m in Florida and I’ve never felt so alone. My mother (who lives here) isn’t around, she’s too busy and wouldn’t even let me stay with her. She’s being a complete bitch lately.

I sent my ex a text just to let her know I was in town and that I really want her to change her mind about letting me see my daughter and to just call me. I was responded to with an abusive message from her current boyfriend. What the fuck does it have to do with him? I had nothing against him at all but now ginger tash can go fuck himself, ugly cunt.

Anyway, I’ve been left no choice but to take some sort of legal action. I was hesitant to pursue this route because I believe it can make things worse for everyone but the lawyers themselves but like I said, I’ve no choice. I’m currently half way through my consultation and my lawyer believes I can get visitation. He’s explain Florida law to me and it turns out they can remove visitation decisions away from parents and make a decision based on the child’s best interests and force a visitation contract. Yeah it’ll probably be priced but you cannot put a price on your children. They are everything.

Hate that it’s come to this, we could have just come up with something simple. Why do some parents try make things difficult for the other. It’s bullshit.

Anyway I best head out, write soon

Song: Linkin Park – With You


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