Looking Straight Ahead

I feel like writing about a few things today, if I can be bothered lol.

So firstly I’d like to talk about emotional abuse a little. The reason for this is someone I know is being emotionally abused and controlled by her boyfriend and she can’t see it because she’s so into him. First of all, to all genders and cultures, controlling is never a good thing in a relationship. Trust is earned not just expected. Checking people’s phones, social media, messages and isolating them from their friends is not right ever. My friends boyfriend does this and she just does it because it makes him happy. Never let anyone do any of those things, if your partner ever asks or demands one of those things say “bye bye” because it’s only ever going to get worse. This is my opinion of cause but I believe everyone should be allowed to do what they want and talk to whoever they want without being made to feel guilty. Everyone in a relationship will have hobbies, friends, responsibilities etc outside of the relationship. That’s not a bad thing. So to that guy… Fuck you!

On a different note, this year was supposed to be the best year of my life and turned into the hardest time of my life ever. Thing is I’ve done everything I can that’s in my control to make things better and happier for everyone involved in the situation but the fact is you can’t change the choices some people make. I woke up this morning feeling like none of this is my fault, at least not anymore. My daughter will not be allowed to have a relationship with me and that is the most horrible feeling ever but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be there if she needs/wants me for anything. When it comes to your kids you never give up until the day you die, not ever. The one thing I’ve always been good at is being a dad and I love it more than anything. I’m not going to force anything but I will be sat in hope that decisions change. It’s just hard when people have an opinion of you that is completely wrong yet won’t give you the chance prove that to them. Sometimes it’s just excuses.

On a positive note my boy, Tommy-Lee and I have never been closer. I mean we’ve always been close but our relationship feels so solid right now. When we see each other we both smile so wide and dive into each other’s arms, we play constantly and even at meal times, he refuses to eat unless I do too claiming ” Tommy and daddy do it together!?” To be honest he wants to do everything together. He won’t leave a small area with daddy coming too lol. When I take him back to his moms we have a huge drama (not that he doesn’t love his mom but because he doesn’t want to leave me). The more time I spend with him the better life is. Both my kids are everything, even though I’ve only met one. Always will be.

Anyway I’m heading out, going for a run

Song: Highly Suspect – Little One


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