She’s Here

So on Friday morning I woke to a message from Laura’s mother letting me know that Abigail was born on Tuesday 27th June weighing 7lbs. My god my heart melted and I became so anxious for some reason. I messaged Laura unsure if she’d even get it but she did and she sent me four pictures of Abbey. I know I’m bias but oh wow, she’s the most beautiful girl ever. I started crying and just stared at her for the rest of the day and night. I felt this huge overwhelming happiness and this huge sadness all at the same time. Still feel like that. Wow I’m a dad again but unfortunately an absent one, for now.

I wish I could say I’m proud, oh don’t get me wrong I’m so proud of Abbey and so proud of Laura, she’s done such an amazing job. It must have been hard for her doing this alone. Thing with Laura is she’s the toughest chick I know but is also such a big softy (don’t tell her I said that, she’ll punch me lol). She’ll pretend everything’s fine when actually she’s probably feeling alone and down. Oh I’m sure she’s so happy about Abbey and loves her more than anything but it must be hard in her situation. Well she should be so proud of herself, I’m sure as hell am proud of her, she’s done amazing and I have no doubt she’ll continue to be the best mummy ever. I don’t doubt that for a second. I wanna give Laura a big hug and tell her she’s amazing then grab Abbey and fuss over her like a crazy person lol.  I need to get out to Orlando as fast as possible.

I’ve hardly told anyone that Abbey is born. I told my friend in NY, my grandparents, a close friend and my sister but that’s all. Mainly because most of my family and people I know have not been supportive and have been very judgemental. I don’t give a fuck though, it’s not their baby. I’ll do anything and everything in my power to be there and help raise her right. My god she’s so gorgeous ❤️

Anyway I got to head off, I’m taking my son to see PJ Masks who are in town. I might be more excited than him lol


Song: Saint Asonia – Waste My Time


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