Hey. Just thought I’d write about the weekend. It was good but also a little exhausting. On Friday I got a small tax return so spent it all on both my kids. Tommy-Lee got a few toys and a new bike, he’s only three but he loves sitting on an old one my grandparents have. I sent Abby a baby basket with lots of stuff to help her mum out and some odd pieces for Abby herself and a horse teddy with her name on it. I even sent Laura some flowers for the due date as a nice gesture, they’ll probably go straight in the trash when she sees they’re from me but meh.

I did a one of DJ slot on Saturday night which was awesome. Some cool bands played and the crowd was great. I ended up being dragged up to the monthly rock night by a few customers and even though it was pretty shit there I saw some people I haven’t seen in years. Had a lot of heart to hearts and even a drunken cry with a friend whose girlfriend left him for someone else and he’s having a hard time. Was just sad but we ended up going on a night walk after the club closed. I walked him home and his mother had just got in herself, she gave me a big hug and went on about how much her son looks up to me (fuck knows why) and that she’s so grateful lol. Meant a lot, especially when I’ve been feeling so unhappy and hated lately.

I actually had a few drinks Saturday, it’s been a while and to be honest I don’t miss it but was nice to just relax with friends. I walked in the club thinking everyone in there hated me but was greeted by a lot of hugs and smiles. But I swear if one more person asks why I’m not in Florida one more time there will be an injury happening to someone lol. Sunday I spent talking to an American friend about UK immigration for hours lol but that’s about it, I mostly just chilled out.

Anyway I’m facetiming my immigration lawyer today to discuss my next move so I better head out.

Song: Beartooth – Aggressive


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