Fathers Day Plus

It was Father’s Day on Sunday. As I mentioned in my last post I was spending the day with my boy which was so good. I love spending time with him. I didn’t expect a card, a message or anything from either of my kids mothers but I got a nice surprise when I picked Tommy-Lee up. Instead of jess mother coming to the door with Tommy all ready to go, Jess did. She was very nice and smiley. Out comes Tommy with a card in his hand and passed it to me. Jess said “that’s for you” with a smile. Once Tommy and I got to our destination (Shibden Park) I looked at it. Now I would have been taken back just with a smile card written by Jess on behalf of Tommy-Lee but it was a foot painting that said next to it “I’m following in your shoes” 🙈 I got so emotional and happy. Jess actually put thought into it and it meant the absolute world. From Laura? Nothing, not even a message.


Tommy-Lee and I went out for lunch together and spent ages at a national park. When we got home he just wanted to cuddle and watch PJ Masks. He was tired out lol bless him. We had the best day.

On different note I might be back in Florida sooner than I thought. I’m just waiting for some money to come through then I will be booking my flight. Big plans ahead and then I can be a part of both my children’s lives (depending if their mothers can be adult enough to coparent properly)

Anyway I got a DJ set to sort out. Always be kind to others 🤘😜🤘

Song: PaPa Roach – My Medication


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